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Thai Fair Foods Co., Ltd

Thai Fair Foods Co., Ltd is a company that manufactures and distributes food products for sale within the country and abroad. The production facilities are hygienically built and use modern technology to produce quality and food safety products. Raw materials used in the production process undergo quality inspection to meet standards before being used. There is a system for controlling product quality during production and the quality of finished products before being delivered to customers. Our products can build confidence among consumers that they are of high quality and safe according to the standards.

 Thai Fair Foods Co., Ltd is a factory that manufactures tapioca pearls, konjac jelly, and mixed flour raw materials for making pearls.
The company has been certified with GHPs/ HACCP standards, Halal Certification By The Central Islamic Council Of Thailand, and The U.S Food and Drug Administration.
 HACCP / GHPs                                                  HALAL CERTIFICATION                                                         The U.S FDA               
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